Stella Cove - We have ubercool swimwear for mothers and daughters - We get a kick out of garments that are so beautiful to look at that they make you smile, quality so good you can feel it the moment you pick it up and made in such a way that it just feels good to wear. Sourcing fabric from Europe which is thick and luxurious with superior prints and they are lining it with the softest of lining so it just feels smooth against the skin. They focus on finishing –examining every stitch critically- and they are therefore working continuously to get the very best out of the manufacturing
process.  Swimwear for girls can be rather hum-drum –pink and polyester-ish with designs which are drab interpretations of what being a girl or a woman is all about. Stella Cove makes you look twice. There is something gutsy and fresh about them- something about what it is like to be a girl.